Demonstrable Progress, a new project by Brian Duggan, with composer David Bremner, UCD Parity Studios and UCD Ad Astra Academy for the Performing Arts, and the Art and Science residency programme.

This new commission score of Piano Four Hands will be preformed live on the Steinway Piano at a premier in UCD O'Brien Hall, College of Science. [ NOTE: Due to the complex nature of this new commission, the dates for the premier have now been changed from late 2017 to early 2018].

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Sellafield  is a  nuclear fuel reprocessing and nuclear decommissioning  site on the coast of the Irish Sea in Cumbria, England. For several years it is now undergoing a transformation from processing to decommissioning.

Most of the highly radioactive waste from Sellafield was dumped into ponds, each several times the size of an Olympic pool. Constantly circulating water kept the waste cool, but also created hundreds of cubic metres of sludge from the corrosion of the metal cladding surrounding the fuel rods.

As a result, the exact contents of the ponds are unclear. When plants are decommissioned in the future, waste will still be sent to Sellafield. The UK’s plants are mostly made of concrete, rather than steel, which makes them harder to dismantle. It also means they create about 30 times more radioactive material. And with a new nuclear plant about to be built at Hinkley Point in Somerset, the amount of radioactive waste headed for Sellafield may grow.

Another unique legacy is the 90,000 tonnes of radioactive graphite stored there, used as fuel cladding. Irradiated graphite accumulates energy known as Wigner energy, which caused the UK’s worst nuclear accident in 1957. Researchers are still unsure how to make it safe for disposal.

As much of this site is too dangerous for humans to work in, a variety of robots are now employed to open up, empty and clean the various spaces that are still difficult. This new project explores these ponds with original footage and a newly commissioned musical score specifically written for this film by David Bremner. More information will be updated soon...(Back)

B30 Tank, Sellafield, photo credit Ecologist/ Guardian.