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ARTFORUM Critic’s Picks, AUGUST 2016

10 Dinge, die man auf der Art Brussels
nicht verpassen sollte  Monopol -
Magazin für Kunst und Leben.pdf

Sunday Times Culture BDuggan 15March 2015.jpg

The Guardian Guide Saturday 24 January 2015.jpg

Irish Times The Ticket Last Day Diary BDuggan Crawford Cork 2015.pdf

The Irish Times, Aidan Dunne, 18 November 2014.

Tagesspiegel , Culture, Michaela Nolte,
20, September 2014

Brian Duggan ISCP New York 2013-08-16.jpg

Bedford and Bowery, New York magazine

Sculpture magazine March 2013 Brian Duggan, Three Lives, RuaRed.pdf



Sunday Times BDuggan by kate Butler 2009 Hugh lane.pdf

Irish Times Brian Duggan by Aidan Dunne 2006.pdf

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